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In Bellingham WA.

Inspired to tell stories, motivated to show you cinematically. 
  Spending my first two years of college being involved in theater, I was inspired by directing a one-act play, which sent me on a trajectory of making videos. Since 2007, I have been making or helping to make almost every imaginable film project. In 2010, I started photography. 
I have worked for numerous networks and companies, such as ABC, FOX, and HBO. Worked on music videos that aired on VH1 Asia. Living in Kansas City MO has allowed me to start some projects such as producing a docu-series for Camp Quality of Northwest Missouri and also working with smaller family-owned businesses. 

Living now in the Northwest corner of the state of Washington. Diving in the wonderful hobby and profession Landscape and Nature photography. 

We are now accepting clients for real estate photography. 

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